Sound Banks

Synapse Dune - We Dance - Vol. 1

This is my first, released, sound bank and it's for Synapse Dune. This is oriented for EDM music producers, it includes 10 sounds. 
 - [Bass]Dirty Bass
 - [Bass]EDM Bass
 - [Bass]Wowow Bass
 - [Chords]Aiai Chords
 - [Chords]Buzzde Chords
 - [Lead]Wood Bell
 - [Pad]Cold but Warm
 - [Pad]WarmWo Pad
 - [Plucked]Brassy Synth
 - [Plucked]Hit the Wood

No FX included. In demo there is applied only Reverb and Delay as send effects, no other processing.


PS: It's not much, I know that, but I'm hoping that people will support me with donations so I can make more sound banks and with the donations I am going to buy more VSTi, next on my list being Spire. This sound bank it's free for everyone. If you are willing, have the possibility to donate and you think it's worthed, THANK YOU!